South Pittsburg High School Pirates

Home of Scholars and Champions

School Events
•  Thanksgiving Break (No School)

Sports Events
•  (CST) Lady Pirate Basketball vs Bledsoe Home  (Girls Basketball)
Time: 5:30 PM
•  (CST) Varsity Boys Basketball vs Bledsoe Home  (Basketball)
Time: 7:00 PM

Guidance Events
•  Dish Network Scholarship Deadlilne
•  Stegall Charitable Educational Foundation Deadline
•  Tennessee Concrete Association Essay Contest Deadline

Library Events
•  Vocational Lab 1st-3rd Blk 5th & 6th Blk CREDIT RECOVERY
Recurrence: Daily from 11/13/2015 to 1/29/2024
11/16/2015 to 2/1/2024
•  1st Blk SAILS 3rd Floor Lab
Time: 8:00 AM
Recurrence: Daily from 11/16/2015 to 2/1/2024
•  P. Hill 2nd & 5th Blocks 3rd Floor Lab
Recurrence: Weekly from 11/3/2015 to 12/8/2015
•  S. Lewis 4th Blk. 3rd Floor Lab
Time: 11:20 AM
Recurrence: Weekly from 11/3/2015 to 2/18/2016
Congratulations to the 21 Club members
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Lexie Robinson

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Through art, music, and dance, West Africans have expressed their creativity and kept alive their cultural traditions. In Ms....