Wilson, Danny Principal
Grider, Vic Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Adams, Tim 7th Grade Math/SP Academy Lead Teacher
Adkins, Jeff Math
Allison, Donna Exceptional Education
Bible, Tim 8th Grade Math/SAILS Math/Golf Coach
Bird, Don Construction Tech and Welding
Castle, Shannon 7th Grade Social Studies/7th Grade Science
Cooper, Lynn School Counselor
Dawkins, Mary Exceptional Education
Dawkins, Tyler Spanish/ACT Prep/Track Coach
Grider, Tracy 7th Grade English Language Arts
Hale , David At-Risk Coordinator
Hill, Paige HS Language Arts/History
Honeycutt, Cecily History
Hubbard, Kristy Health Science Education/HS Girls Basketball Coach
LaRue, Jackie Biology/Chemistry
Lewis, Ryan Technology Engineering
Lewis, Stephanie English
Mabry, Nikki Junior High Science/Academy Girls Basketball
Mahoney, Emily English/8th Grade Language Arts
Mason, Denise Bookkeeper
Mount, Debbie Secretary
Murray, Monroe Band
Peek, Shawn Physical Education/Varsity Football Coach
Phillips, David Social Studies
Stone, Linda Business Technology
Stovall, Jay Algebra 2, Geometry, Precalculus
Tidmore, Fred Science/Varsity Football Coach
Tuders, Jackie Guidance Secretary
Wilson, Michelle Family and Consumer Sciences

Cagle, Ernie Assistant Coach/Academy Football
Mason, Denise Bookkeeper
Mount, Debbie Secretary
Mount, Elizabeth Exceptional Education Assistant/Co-Sponsor Interact Club
Paris, Brian Head Baseball Coach
Powers, Steve Assistant Coach/Academy Football
Shavers, Jeremy Assistant Coach/Academy Football
Tucker, Margaret
Tuders, Jackie Guidance/Secretary
Turner, Sherry Library Assistant