About the School  


South Pittsburg High School was constructed in 1924 on the 700 block of Elm Avenue, its current location. The school was operated by the city until 1932 when it was sold to Marion County. In 1938, South Pittsburg Elementary School, also on Elm Avenue, had to be constructed because of the heavy traffic that had been created when several small rural schools closed and combined with South Pittsburg City School. Grades seven through twelve were kept at the high school as it still is today.


In 1965, the 41- year-old original school was torn down except for the gymnasium which was built in 1949. In 2008, the 59-year-old  gymnasium was replaced with the Brooks-Fuqua Gymnasium. In 1974, a career and technical education wing was constructed, which today is used for career and technical education courses, computer labs, and a band room.


South Pittsburg High School has a rich tradition in athletics as well, including five Class A state championships in football, and one in baseball. Several boys’ basketball teams have won district and region championships, and girls’ softball has won several district championships and had one appearance in the state tournament. South Pittsburg High School’s faculty, staff, and student organizations partner with the South Pittsburg Cornbread Festival each year to provide volunteer services to the Festival’s operations.